I look forward to helping you find solutions for dealing with life on life’s terms, whether you’re seeking one-on-one sessions or a supportive group therapy environment. I offer a wide range of convenient appointments, including evenings and weekends. Plus, you’ll have the flexibility of phone or Skype sessions.

I can usually schedule an initial session within a week for people new to my practice, so please call 206 462-5199 for your appointment.

New group session now forming:

I’m currently recruiting for a group session meeting for 90 minutes on Wednesday evenings. Limited to 8 members, committed to 6 months participation. Please email with your questions and date/time preferences, and I will contact you for a brief interview. Additional groups will be formed as interest develops.


Recovery Therapy Group

This group will focus on practicing the 12 Steps in daily life. Members must have had the experience of working the 12 steps with a sponsor. However, this is NOT a 12 Step meeting per se. “Cross talk” will be encouraged. Practicing the skills of accountability, feedback, and honest sharing of experiences will be emphasized.